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1c-bitrix development

1c-bitrix system is used to create web-resources of any complexity and of any type. Online shops, corporate intranet portals, information, help portals, etc.

Our team of developers has significant experience in creating sites from scratch on this system, improving functionality and introducing additional modules. More than once we had to literally save our clients whose projects were left half-way by unscrupulous developers.

Professional CS-Cart custom development

A team highly experienced in working with CS-Cart one of the most widespread platform for ecommerce offers qualified CS-Cart custom development service.

Staff members of our company have already efficiently performed loads of large-scale and small-time projects. We have put into over 700 modifications, settled into over 70 payment systems. We have an experience with considerable shipping methods as well.

CS-Cart design / templates creation

It would seem what could design creation for a usual site differ from design creation specially for CS-Cart.

However the difference exists and we consider it essential. The matter is that over the course of templates creation for one or other platform it's necessary to understand clearly the CMS specificity and to design the elements and the whole structure in general in such a way as to the composition doesn't require full refactoring of the engine. That's why over the course of f work designer often falls back upon help of integration specialist.

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