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Online shop creation on CMS CS-Cart

E-commerce is becoming more and more popular considering its convenience, facility of an access to a wide products assortment and affordable prices. Our company is engaged in on-line shops development as the saying goes on turnkey basis and offers clients full service starting from development specification till site startup and its maintenance. A key side of the process of organization this kind of commerce is a choice of platform. Usual person who is not relation to modern IT technologies wonders: how to create your own on-line shop and our staff is ready to give an answer.

CS-Cart development

Our team offers development for your CS-Cart store specially. We are ready to develop modifications for any version of CS-Cart shop. CS-Cart 1.2 or CS-Cart 4.0.X, our CS-Cart developers have work experience with all versions. We have been developing for CS-Cart more than 7 years already

Magento custom development

Magento is one of the top e-commerce systems in the world. This software has a high authority among the clients from most different spots of the world and is used for a high diversity of online shops starting from small-sized up to huge-sized.

Our team develops site of different level of complexity. In particular, we specialize in creation of online shops and has a vast experience in their implementation, modification, design creation and other developments.

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