Buy the latest CS Cart version at the most favorable price

CS Cart platform is one of the most functional CMS for e-commerce for the moment. Created in 2015 by a team of Ulyanovsk developers specially for e-commerce targets, it’s used nowadays in more than 60 countries of the world.

So called box-system in other words fully ready for work, CS Cart has a number of key possibilities which facilitate to the maximum the process of managing online shop and conduce its efficiency.

Each user will find functions he need s for his company regardless it is either very small engaged in e-commercio or massive online supermarket having a huge amount of goods categories and positions as well as many suppliers and working all over the country.

Operational characteristics

Nowadays the most up-to-date version is CS Cart 4, convenient both for vendor and for customer allowing create several separate landing pages managed from the only administrative panel. It supports different types of payment and shipment, helps to control availability of one or other positions. Vis this CMS it’s possible to set the display of certain goods for a customer on the base of geolocation – according to the regions chosen by an administrator.

Also wide possibilities for SEO-optimization of resource and lots of instruments for internet marketing shouldn’t be left behind. For those who run business on the territory of not only Russia, but also other countries, the function of supporting several languages is a real find.

The previous version - CS Cart 3 doesn’t concede the latest version at all.

Management functionality

One of the main advantages of CS-Cart is an ability to manage absolutely all content of online shop. Apart from the fact that in all versions of the platform you are able to add unrestricted amount of goods and their categories, you will also be able to form, publish and edit any types of page content: news, banners and questionnaires.

If requested you will be able to show out the customers’ reviews, create feedback forms, any static pages.

A large set of themes which are available to be ordered additionally will allow you to set external display within a few seconds.

If you’ve been searching for ready solution for your e-commerce for a long time decision to buy CS Cart will be a great start for effective and profitable project.