View the ready CS-Cart modules or order CS-Cart development

CS-Cart is quite a popular management system of e-shop site content. This complex of software allowing create, edit and manage content. CS-Cart is developed by Russian programmers from Ulyanovsk. First version appeared in 2005.

CMS CS-Cart is created on the base of PHP language, uses in its work database, has a properly built architecture and includes the most modern technologies. Therefore this CMS can become just an ideal environment for application developer.

CS-Cart programming modules on the language of programmers are often are called add-ons.

Each new module is created in the purpose of extending a set of standard functions of the ready software solution.

CS-Cart provides one very important feature – usage of template engine Smarty.

One of the main advantages of this system allowing use it for development of different business solutions is the fact that the code is open on 100% which allows add the changes of any difficulties.

Besides CS-Cart is based on module system where module becomes absolutely independent and doesn't touch the core functionality. This helps to improve the functionality, the convenience of usage of online shop, constantly matches new tendencies in the area of e-commerce.

Professional system CS-Cart includes more than 30 CS-Cart add-ons which don’t require additional payment. If among them there is no program code for solution of an original problem, there’s one more variant – purchasing add-ons from companies working with CS-Cart package that deal with its administration and support apart from selling it.

As a rule, specialists have a range of their own developed add-ons on the most popular tendencies. The development of the following modules is often required: for creating payment systems, for placement of images gallery on the page of the product, difficult counting product price according to several settings, creating reports, for accelerating the site download (for example – using Ajax boxes).

If it’s necessary to develop some special functionality the individual add-on development is required specially for a certain shop taking into account all requirement of the client.

Since among a range of administrators of on-line shops the experienced programmers can rarely be met, it’d better to entrust new module development to professionals in order to avoid the difficulties in the code writing, integration of a ready module in the working system.