Order site on CS-Cart

For realization (creation) of any kind of WWW-project widely differing technologies are used. These include functional and readily lend itself to administration CS-Cart platform allowing run your business on-line.

This innovative software (not long ago the latest version appeared) is considered to be an ideal solution for creating online shops of widely different levels of configuration and difficulty.

Site created on CS-Cart is an effective instrument for developing business via online marketing.

A few words about the platform

CS-Cart platform allows creating a memorable commercial resource with both ready landing page which supports different forms of paying goods as well as shipment and an ultimate set of marketing instruments.

Valid CS-Cart installation will allow the site administrators to make easily the following tasks:

  • edit or create unlimited amount of products description (categories);
  • publish web content (news, customers’ reviews, questionnaires) as needed;
  • manage al lsite content;
  • use graphic and text banners, other.

CMS CS-Cart – is a modern platform written in special PHP programming language which allows to use MySQL database for storage of a significant amount of data which facilitates work.

Moreover the platform has CS-Cart samples system put to uses: organization of custom functions, modificators, architecture, other.

Site created on CS-Cart will be realized on open code technology which will give an opportunity to extend the resource functionality easily depending on need arises.

CMS CS-Cart platform and its features

Among crowds of CS-Cart features it’s worth emphasizing a number of most essential and useful features of the platform.

This is existence of special block manager which allows making custom layout of the site without difficulties and sacrificing necessary blocks: last seen, popular goods and other.

Also the software allows control a few commercial resources in one administrator panel.

Ordering CS-Cart services site administrators also receives:

  • guaranty that online shop will display properly on any types of monitors;
  • logically organized administrator panel;
  • possibility to integrate (use) about 80 existing payment systems: RBK Money, QIWI,Robokassa and others;
  • possibility to create additional modules without changing program kernel;
  • use the up-to-date design editor allowing change external data of resource;
  • support of downloaded goods;
  • simplicity of managing and setting the site.

CS-Cart platform has different modifications, which usage depends on size of the project and necessity to realize one or other functions. This software gained a reputation all over the world.